Thursday, March 12, 2020

Oppression-three licks

1. Oppression-three licks for speaking spanish, talking back, speech classes. Traditions of silence-well bred girls dont answer back, big mouth, questioning, carrying tales but not parallel to men. (nostros-nostros) It again brings to the forefront that women or children should be seen and not heard. Nevermind that an open mouth should indicate that they would like to be heard, the most important thing should be not to let flies enter it. This leads back to Anzaldà ºa's point of taming a wild tongue. In order to tame it, the mouth should also be closed...silenced. Silence is also another form of oppression in many women's lives. Is this where the phrase 'Silence is golden' originated? Later on in the selection, she tells us that "language is a male discourse" (54). Perhaps that is why females are taught not to have big mouths. The adjective is placed in front of the "American" in order to separate the individual (or minority) from white Americans. It seems to me now ! to imply that they are not completely American. The name then puts the individual inbetween two identities, but not completely in either. Language is definitive of culture. Chicano Spanish~mutilation of Spanish, not Anglo (pocho-distorts sounds of a language). Illegitimate, a bastard language. Childhood, repeated attacks, continuos. English as a neutral language. Linguistic Terrorism," Anzaldua speaks of how Chicano Spanish as a bastard language. We are looked down upon by other Spanish Speakers because they say we speak a poor Spanish. As stated before, it is not a poor Spanish. It is just a way of identifying ourselves from everyone else. We are the unwanted Spanish. Unwanted by everyone, but ourselves 2. Some on the campus immediately decried the new logo as offensive, but it wasn't just the logo that bothered them. They didn't think much of the use of a Sioux Indian as the university's mascot. Last month, mor