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Critical Analysis Paper: BlackBerry Essay

According to the article â€Å"BlackBerry Posts Loss as Phones Go Unsold†, BlackBerry performs a poor performance. Business has a quarterly loss in 2013 for $965 million. The revenue had drop 45% that down to $1.57 billion from $2.86 billion compares with a year earlier. BlackBerry lost $248 million, or 47 cents a share, and analysts forecast 49 cents a share loss for the quarter ended August 31. The net loss is $235 million which excluding inventory charge and restructuring charges in the latest quarter. The cash position also down to $2.6 billion from $3.1 billion at quarter-end. Smartphone maker report a hefty operating loss of nearly $1 billion charge on inventory of unsold phones. Fairfax Financial Holdings to take the company private for about $4.7 billion, or $9 a share. As a former mobile king, BlackBerry faces to exit the handset business. This report will conduct a situation analysis of potential causes of declining sales and profits of Black Berry. And also would id entify internal company and external environment for the poor performance. See more: analytical writing A particular reason of the sales declining is BlackBerry cannot satisfy enough to the market and product demand for customers. Sales declining imply to revenues declining. BlackBerry recognized most phone’s revenue is from the older models, which means the new phones are not much attract to customers. Ian Austen (2013) noted that BlackBerry could soon be leaving the business of making phones—leaving fewer options for a vocal minority still committed to phones with its once popular physical keyboard. (para. 1) BlackBerry usually produces the keyboard models, but with people’s pursuit on phone, most smartphone users prefer to use touch-screen models instead of the physical keyboards. Keyboard was one of a special characteristic of BlackBerry, eventually, that become an obstacle for its evolution. The reason of revenue declining of BlackBerry is it has a lower market share. BlackBerry has not change their product style and business strategy while customers are seeking the new products constantly, market share would  be affected and would cause revenue going down. Joseph Palenchar (2013) noted that â€Å"the old days saw BlackBerry’s market share in global smartphone shipments peak in 2009 at 20% and fall to 5% in 2012, marking the company’s lowest level since 2003.† (para. 3) â€Å"Increase the chances that BlackBerry can regain some of its lost market share during the make-or-break year of 2013† (para. 9) Revenue is declining because the market is becoming smaller. With Apple, Samsung’s products are growing deeply in customers’ impression, BlackBerry is standing in the behind position compare with those two brands. BlackBerry is not enough strong to attract those Apple and Samsung’s customers to choose its products even they produce the new products. A poor financial performance reflects BlackBerry Company is going down. In the article of â€Å"Company Overview†, the author stated a SWOT analysis of BlackBerry. In the weaknesses of company, the author described the revenues decreased primarily due to lower shipment volumes and lower average selling prices of hardware products. The company’s revenues declined from $19,907 million in FY2011 to $11,073 million in FY 2013. (p.6) Continuous decline impacts the company’s profits and margins. In 2013, RIM recorded the operating loss of $1,235 million compared with operation profit of $1,497 million and $4,636 million in 2012 and 2011. It also suffers a decline in the cash position which from $4,009 million in 2011 to $2,303 in 2013. Substitutes and competitive also are the factors that affect BlackBerry suffer in this situation. The lower revenues will decrease market share so that to increase the competition. BlackBerry lack of innovation; however, its competitors of smartphone company such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, etc. are rapidly evolving. Most of them have larger customer bases, greater financial, sales and distribution than BlackBerry. As consumers, under an available circumstance of selecting, they prefer a product with innovation, creative, and satisfaction. Competitive pressure impact the company’s growth and market share. Fairfax Financial Holdings is going to take the company private, but still won’t solve the company’s problems. BlackBerry still insist their employees of the same smartphones and tablets that use at home. It is losing in the  consumer arena. Therefore, even though investors take it private, BlackBerry’s revenue still would not be changed because it did not change its operation of business. The most primary reason for the company’s poor performance is BlackBerry lack of innovation. Because of BlackBerry did not change its strategy in order to satisfy customer’s demand for the smartphone, the product sales and revenues are going down. Also, the lower market share and the higher competition would impact BlackBerry’s profit and margin. Bibliography: Connors, W. (2013). Blackberry posts loss as phones go unsold. Austen, I. (2013). Blackberry’s future in doubt, keyboard lovers bemoan their own. Palenchar, J. (2013). Analysts: Blackberry facing tough battle. (2013). Company overview.

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Porter Five Forces Airlines Essay

Threats of Substitutes (Low) Product that able to represent other product function can be defined as substitute product (Wheelen and Hunger, 2002). Currently, there are no perfect substitutes for airline service, as airline service has the best range of destination, time-efficient and convenience. However, the fact that trains and air-transports are substitute is true, but the threat will only be high if it’s applied in domestic travel. Currently, the threat of substitutes for airline industry is low. In regards to the threats, Airline Company should keep innovate their service to prevent a perfect substitute. 2.2.2 Power of Buyer (Moderate-Low) The power of buyer can be defined as the ability of customers to affect an industry. This view has been supported in the work of Coulter (2008). The bargaining power of buyer in airline industry is relatively low because the number of buyers for this service is enormous and keeps increasing (IATA, 2010). Additionally, due to different specialty of countries, customers tend to go overseas for particular purpose that the destination country is good at (i.e. Singapore good at Medication), subsequently, going overseas somehow is becoming part of the lifestyle today. Hence, this can also be seen as the service is essential for particular customers which further down the bargaining power of buyer. Looking at another factor which is internet, it allows customers to easily make a comparison through information and price transparency and switch to other airline service. Overall, the bargaining power of buyer is still moderate to low, so organization can take this opportunity to provide excell ent service and charge premium price. 2.2.3 Power of Supplier (High) According to Collis and Montgomery (1997), power of supplier can be defined as the ability of suppliers to affect an industry. The power of suppliers in airline industry is relatively high, as fuel is one of the important attributes for airline service. This can be seen as the price of jet fuel price has risen 8% from January while the usage of airline keeps increasing (IATA, 2010). In addition, as the availability of substitute for fuel has not been found the bargaining power of supplier is still high. However, the  availability of jatropha-based- fuel will soon be available substituting the jet-fuel-based which will reduce the bargaining power of supplier in the future (Bloomberg Energy Finance, 2012). Moreover, the bargaining power of suppliers in airline industry is also reduced by the availability of internet. By the use of internet, one can purchase their supplies from suppliers around the world without any geographical boundaries. Hence, currently the power of supplier in th is industry is high. In this case, airline firms may want to create good and long term relationship with their suppliers to gain advantages. 2.2.4 Threats of New Entrants (Low) Threats of new entrants are the effect from possible entrants that affects an industry. According to Lynch (2009), potential entrants often come to marketplace when the barrier to entry is low and when profit margins are great. In airline service industry, the barrier is relatively high due to requirements of high capital in entering the industry (i.e. investment on terminal and airplane). Furthermore, as there are already several strong players in the industry, it is hard to enter and established at the market because brand identity in airline service need to be good and clear as it is involved with safety (customers will not use unknown airlines as it would be risky). Therefore, it will force the new entrants to spend extra capital to advertise more to fight the strong existing player. Overall, the threat of new entrants is low. Hence, seeing this barrier, existing firms may want to strengthen their branding to further increase the barrier to enter the industry. 2.2.5 Rivalry among existing Firms (High) Rivalry among existing firms refers to the degree in which firm react to moves from other firms within an industry (Pearce and Robinson, 2007). Due to the evolving technology like internet, it allows customers to switch to other company with no more than a click (i.e. moving to other airlines website), this clearly would make player in the industry to be intense. Moreover, due to needs of high investments (i.e. purchasing aircrafts and investment on the technology), it creates high barrier to exit the industry, as the aircrafts and technology that are expensive will be rendered as no-use for other business. While, for company that hire aircrafts for their  airline service also need to spend a lot of capital and usually involved with long-contract agreement and need long time to achieve break-even point or gain profit. Additionally, by the arrival of budget airlines which offer value for money airline service it affects the competition in airline industry to become more intense. Ove rall, the intensity of rivalry among existing firms is high. Therefore, airline firms may want to keep innovate their service and cope-up with the advancing technology so they will be able to provide advance and better service for better position at market.

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Investment theory- The concept of Duration Essay

Investment theory- The concept of Duration - Essay Example However, those with good mathematical understanding are made to understand the concepts behind bond duration through some proven mathematical formula, and this imply the correlation between changes in the bond values and the fluctuations in the interest rates. There are two basic applications of the duration principles and these greatly vary with the kind of risk involved as well as the investment strategy put in place. Duration could be used as a measure of bond values persistent investors or those willing to take deadly business risks. Such investors are known to embrace active business strategies and benefit from the anticipated alterations or fluctuations in the interest rates due to changes in the bond durations. However, for non risk takers, duration act as a tool of protecting bond values from certain fluctuations due to fluctuations in the interest rates. Bond protection in this case is kind of a assurance that the bond value is likely to remain stable irrespective of changes in the prevailing interest rates, hence it encourage investors to buy certain bonds as they are not scared of changes in interest rates. Majority of financial analysts assumes that the graph of bond prices verses interest rates is flat, meaning there is major effects of fluctuations in the interest rates on bond prices, and this is not correct as various mathematical formulas can be employed to certify this. ... This method applies the basic mechanical principles to verify the relationship between duration and changes or fluctuations in bond prices. Various sketches of a flagpole could be used to give different visuals to represent the differences in bond durations, which is also associated to the changes in center of gravity of various physical objects (flagpoles). Each object has a single center of gravity, and the same principle is applied to explain the single accumulation of bonds’ value after certain duration. Stable objects tend to have a lower center of gravity and the same applies to stable bonds or rather those with stable values which tend to have a shorter duration. This concept could also be explained using Macaulay duration formulae which is weighted average of maturity bond , attained from this formula = [?tCFt/(1+k)t]/ ?CFt/(1+k)t , where D is the Macaulay duration, t is time period in months or years, n is the maturity periods, K is the prevailing market interest rate s, CF is the cash flow. The formula is an indication that bond duration is subject of four basic factors namely; bond maturity (n), coupon size (C), value of each bond (M) and the prevailing interest rates in the market (k). However, changes in M are usually not included in the analysis in major occasions. The above formula would work well with students with different majors in mathematics or those with deep mathematical understanding. For students with poor mathematical understanding, the concepts of bond durations could be demonstrated using various images of flagpoles. Bond maturity could be represented with the length of the flagpole; the flagpole diameter represents the annual coupon

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Phase 1 Discussion Board Schedule and Cost Control Techniques Essay

Phase 1 Discussion Board Schedule and Cost Control Techniques - Essay Example After this survey we have to analyze the gathered data from the survey. This analysis sub phase provides all required information for our project seclude and cost estimation. After this analysis sub phase next comes the design sub phase of the project in which we have to design all events and process that are necessary for the completion of this project. In this phase we also demine expected expenditure, estimate time required, and main events of the up gradation project. Then next phase is Executing Phase. Here we hire a software development team for the implementation of this new upgraded email system, now our project team completes the work related to all aspects of this up-gradation. Here an impotent phase is controlling phase that will run in a parallel way with all other phases. In this phase we control the time, cost, manpower required, resources needed and all things that are associated with is project. We analyze all the ways like project is running on time, is any module required additional time, then managing time in such a way that additional time is not required. Cost and expenditure monitoring is done in such a way that no extra resources will be needed along the way. Then the last and final phase would be Closing Phase: here we have to ensure that the project work is complete successfully, we have to confirm and verify that the deliverables and then completed out the project finances, panel reports, and lessons learned are all documented and analyzed that all thing are well and new email system is working properly. Cost estimation is one of main and difficult part of any project (Chamoun, 2006). All project depends on this estimation, if this estimation goes wrong then lot of complexities might occur during the project. So in our Email Up-gradation project we have to estimate the cost in such a way that no complicity can happen, and project can be completed successfully. As a project manger it is my

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President Truman's decision to drop Atomic Bomb Assignment

President Truman's decision to drop Atomic Bomb - Assignment Example In the words of Walker, another option available for Truman was to try a Normandy-type amphibious landing. In this case, the estimated casualty would have been anything around a million (2008, p. 9). That is, though cruel at the first sight, Truman’s decision was not less ethical given the options available at that point of time. In the words of Wainstock (2013), the Japanese government had no respect for the lives of its own citizens and was not trying to save them. For example, though Japan faced several critical military defeats along with a crumbling industrial capacity, it exhibited a reluctance to give up the war. In contrast, it adopted highly unethical practices like ‘Kamikaze’ attacks where suicide bombers were used to target American military (Wainstock, 2013, p. 56). From this point, it is only rational to assume that had the war continued, Japan would have used its every citizen as a human shield. Thus, the decision by Truman to end the war instantaneously and unconditionally was the right option at that point of time. Admittedly, Truman was advised that the power of the atomic bomb should be demonstrated to the government of Japan before its actual use so that they could take an informed decision. However, a close analysis reveals that it was not possible for Truman to do so. For example, had the demonstration failed, it would have caused serious damage to America, and Japan would have continued with increased rigor and confidence (Wainstock, 2013). In addition, even if Japanese authorities had known the power of atomic bomb, they would not have ceased. Firstly, Japan was duly warned of a â€Å"total destruction† but there was no effort from Japan to stop war. Instead, it went on adopting unethical practices like ‘Kamikaze’. However, before giving a clean chit to Truman, it is wise to assess the other side of the argument as well. Firstly, Goldberg

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 1

Strategic Human Resource Management - Essay Example Today most of the Organisations are found to be engaged in preparation to ensure their existence. As it was seen in the case of Air National which got privatized by the government of Britain as a result of which the company faced all of the sudden increase in the competitive forces due to other private companies in the airline industry. The company also lost the political strengths and influences which acted as substantial support to Air National (Bratton & Gold, 2001). During this adverse business condition the organization initially worked for its survival but parallel to that it also considered its growth which is achieved through the strategic approaches. To meet the technological challenges raised by the business environment Organisations could adopt approaches of SHRM under which they can develop their workforce by providing substantial training and skill development support (Delbridge, Gratton, & Johnson, 2006).As strategic HRM interventions, organizations should design their recruitment policy in a way that best suits crisis control. Organisations should try and find skilled and competent candidates for critical positions (Anonymous-c, n.d.) so that additional cost of training and development can be saved. The management should also ensure that the employee base it is left with post-downsizing consist of the most competent, efficient and talented employees. As these employees are rich with experience, targeted programs will be sufficient for their need-based training and development.

Choose yourself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Choose yourself - Essay Example In recent times, it has increasingly grown to be linked with either types of people or context and incidents. One form of hooliganism is spontaneous and minor while the second and most serious form involves rivalry between gangs that support different teams (Dunning 142). This paper will tackle soccer hooliganism in terms of its history, media coverage, causes and ways of combating it. It is widely thought that football hooliganism started in the 1960’s before escalating in the following two decades. However, there are records of violence and disorderly conduct in football crowds early in the 19th C. It is difficult to gauge the paucity and seriousness of the problem back then due to lack of accurate records. Back then, there tended to be leniency in the way which football hooliganism incidents were dealt with which further obscures their knowledge. In the early days of football games, football hooliganism was very subtle and was mostly displayed invading of the pitch (King 572). Although fans frequently invaded the pitch during play time, the only serious thing that happen was stopping of the game with no bodily harm to the players. Prominence of this phenomenon pitched its fever pitch during the 1960’s when new and violent forms began to be manifested during soccer games (Piotrowski 634). The coverage of soccer games by media increased which also highlighted the growing problems within soccer crowds. Then, football hooliganism was being portrayed as part of youth rebellion where young soccer fans found a way of letting out their frustrations. It is during the 1960’s and 80’s that there was a surge of delinquency among the youth which led to formation of football gangs all over the world. Other social problems like racism also found their way in the soccer scene and were exhibited through violent clashes between members of different gangs. Soccer stadia acquired new

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Read the case study below Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Read the case study below - Essay Example This in turn affects the motivational level of customers, who are to be looking at the professional employee as an example of organizational leadership, but see only in the burnt-out employee an expression of fatalism or giving up, along with signs of frustration and even associated depressive symptoms such as wanting to sleep all the time. In other words, the average employee who has been in the profession for some time is often burnt out through emotional exhaustion, which may have occurred due to several factors. They will treat clients differently in this state of burnout and they will have a reduced sense of accomplishment. The consideration for informal groups can aid in mentoring opportunities for Western Motels, to solve this motivation problem. A mentoring program blends together elements of environmental impact and interpersonal communication skills. It posits that the formulation of a mentor relationship can help a new maid like this contextualize their own directions within a workplace amid competing issues by following the pattern of another individual. Mentoring can help new employees develop new skills. Often, the mentoring relationship can vastly benefit both parties. Employee motivation is a major problem in many organizations. â€Å"Motivation should relate to individual needs. For instance, a staff member who enjoys collaborating with others may prefer team goals; an independent worker will strive for individual objectives.† (Messmer, 2005). It is true that personal identity and pride in the job should be given top priority in redesigning the position of hotel maid, so I would keep in mind that maids need their cognitive capacities served too; they are not just manual laborers. â€Å"If we remember that the cognitive capacities (perceptual, intellectual, learning) are a set of adjustive tools†¦ then it is clear that any danger to them, any deprivation or blocking of their free use, must

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How unions benefit employees Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

How unions benefit employees - Term Paper Example Unions are there to make life better for workers, although they as well offer advantages to companies (Yates, 2009). A key benefit that union workers have over their non-union counterparts is compensation. Within a non-union place of dealings, earnings and other compensation are resolved confidentially. There is no assurance that two individuals working on the same post - with the similar qualifications - get the same income and other compensation. A labor union, on the other hand, guarantees that all salaries and compensation are written into the union's agreement. Unions increase salaries of unionized employees by more or less 21 percent and increase compensation, together with both earnings plus other benefits, by more or less 30 percent. Each worker is treated without any prejudice within a union workplace. Preferential treatment does not play a part in who is promoted or what income raise is given. The union agreement indicates when increase in salary takes place, and with how m uch experience the corporation qualifies the employee for a promotion. Everyone is dependent on the similar guiding principle and job tasks. â€Å"Unions reduce wage inequality because they raise wages more for low- and middle-wage workers than for higher-wage workers, more for blue-collar than for white-collar workers, and more for workers who do not have a college degree. Another main advantage of union membership for employees is that seniority is privileged. Within a company, that does not have union representation; the qualifications for a promotion are mostly subjective. In a union, the qualifications for promotion are generally supported by seniority. The level of seniority that is required is spelled out in the union contract. Thus, loyalty is rewarded over a person's subjective opinion of the qualifications of candidates applying for a promotion† (Dray, 2010). Guiding principles within union companies are regular. A company with no union representation can frequently modify its anticipations of employees without notice. In a union organization, these tasks are exclusively established beforehand. This helps both companies as well as workers. Staff has the benefit of more uniformity since they are acquainted with what is expected from them. Employers gain from a more satisfied workers and a reduced amount of time spent on training to implement continuous alterations. Union workers do not have to talk for their own benefit. Instead, union spokespersons talk in support of the whole group. This guarantees impartial dealings with the worker and protects against prejudice within the place of work. An employee can get a better position in discussions when he is united with a mass of workers. Without any help or support, he has little advantage to discuss about raise in salary or enhanced working circumstances. The most extensive benefit for unionized employees is in fringe benefits. â€Å"Unionized personnel are more likely to get paid leave as compar ed to their nonunionized counterparts, are more or less 20 percent to 30 percent more expected to have ‘employer offered’ health insurance, and are 25 percent to 57 percent more likely to be in ‘employer offered’ retirement fund plans† (Mauer, 2001). Unionized employees get more liberal health care advantages as compared to nonunionized employees. They as well pay 19 percent lesser health care deductibles in addition to a lesser share of the

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Strategic Management Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Strategic Management Analysis - Essay Example This kind of transformation has led to Better Place establishing a paradigm shift; whereby in the business model, sales are shifted from products to services. Mission and Vision The company’s mission is to reduce the social and environmental impacts in relying on petroleum by the transportation sector. The Better Place case highlights the automotive industry history in brief offers an overview of numerous automotive technologies such as hybrids and demonstrates consequences brought forth by its expansion (Romero, 2009: p.155-159). Industry Analysis The Better Place case highlights numerous aspects of the company, its shortcomings and advantages. It as well examines the rollout strategy of the company, which is an entrepreneurial that is trying to expand and grow globally at a quick pace. Its key challenges include a complex business model on the economy particularly on the wide upfront investments that are dispersed in various locations internationally, how infrastructure is c oordinated, how consumers can be convinced to switch to electric cars as well as ways of convincing automotive producers that EVs are a better option. Porter’s five Porter’s five looks at the five forces that act on Better Place Company and are the determinants of the company’s profitability. 1. Threats of new entrants This is a low threat in Better Place Company being in the automobile industry. ... 2. Bargaining power of buyers Buyers always bargain before buying cars, and so dealers gives out great deals to the buyers so as to move the industry. In this case, the buyers usually have a considerable bargaining power even if they purchase a single car at any given time which is a good factor that determines this force. 3. Threat of substitute products When buyers look at other products compared to those of Better Place, as well as competition, and are able to switch with ease, then the company can have a high threat of force. This is because the cost of switching can be high as one cannot sell a car for the sum paid for. In the differentiation of product, cars could be particularly similar in various ways but if choosing the amphibious cars, the threat of substitute products can be of low. 4. The bargaining power of suppliers This involves suppliers of electronics, parts, components and tires as well as the assembly workers. The auto unions are powerful in a tremendous way. On th e other hand, suppliers can be of small firms who often depend on carmakers and can have a single carmaker as a customer. Therefore, this force can be either low or high. 5. Competitive rivalry Better Place is a company that has a fierce competition in terms of price cut, product development and ad campaigns, which drives it to the profitability and innovation edge. This leads to low margins and a high pressure on rivals. However, if there is less pressure from rivals, the pressure on imports becomes high although there will be a difference in profitability because the business models will vary (Pickard, 2010.p.125). Sources and Capabilities SWOT Analysis of Better Place a. Strengths

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Collective responsibility Essay Example for Free

Collective responsibility Essay The roles of the characters shift during the play as well. Sheila, who is described at the start as a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited, suddenly assumes the role of the Inspector. She starts to understand that the Inspector knows all the right answers and is intrigued as to how. After he leaves she takes on his role and starts questioning her parents. It is almost as if she is leaving her fathers capitalist ideas and is stepping into the Inspectors shoes, conveying his socialist ideas. This shows the audience how socialism is better than Capitalism. Sheila is forced to follow her fathers capitalist ideas, nut upon given the choice; she would rather follow the Inspectors socialist idea. Also in that time women were meant to be seen and not heard, but socialism has given Sheila the chance to talk and state her feeling. This again shows that socialism is the better of the two as it shows equality between everyone. This is also evident in Eric as towards the end of the play, as Mr and Mrs Birling seem to be celebrating that the Inspector is not real; Eric is still mourning Evas death. He also points out to his parents that they are to blame for Evas death too. This is shown when Sheila says it wont bring Eva Smith back to life, and Eric adds that we all helped to kill her, This shows that the younger generation are perhaps more mature than their parents. It also shows that the younger generations habits can be changed, yet the older generation might stick to their beliefs and ideas. Another point of view may be that this shows how the world is changing and that we must change with it. The people that dont change their ways will end up like Mr and Mrs Birling, bitter and old. One of the most important devices that JB Priestley uses is the Inspector himself, for he is the pathway to truth and is almost like Jesus in the way that he gives people the chance to change, but it is up to them to accept and make the necessary changes. The Inspector is almost like Priestleys socialist voice. The name of the inspector is of significant importance. Goole suggests a ghostly, phantom almost omniscient character as he seems to know the outcome of events beforehand. The inspector turns the family against each other and is almost the puppeteer of the whole play. He controls what the family do and say. This is evident at the end of act three when Eric needs a drink and Mr Birling refuses but the inspector says Yes! I know hes your son and this is your house but look at him. He needs a drink now just to see him through, at which point Mr. Birling allows him to have a drink. Sheila also realises the Inspectors ability to make people say what he wants them to. This is shown in act when she is talking to Gerald and she says I know. Somehow he makes you. The Inspector cleverly makes the Birlings and Gerald reveal their crimes; he only gives them a menial amount of information such as a name and somehow makes them confess everything. The Inspector pushes the blame of Evas death from one character to another, introducing the idea of collective responsibility. It almost seems like the inspector is the characters conscience or a lawyer cleverly putting forward a case. In act 3 Priestley uses the Inspectors speech to convey his socialist ideas. This speech gives an opposite message to that which Birling gave whereby he said that a man has a mind to his own business and look after himself and his own. He said that we are members of one body. This is an ironic reference to the army. This shows how Priestley believes that we are all part of one community and like parts of the body we should all learn to work together. I think it also shows that no one is any more important than another, like in a body each person has a specific, unique job in life and without everyone working together, we would not be able to function properly, and our world will collapse. His speech is almost structured like an argument. The Inspector shows both sides of the rich and poor, and leaves it up to the audience to decide the final verdict. The Inspector almost represents the wars. This is as when the first war came, no one responded or changed their ways, so another war was sent to make them pay in fire, blood and anguish. This very effectively sums up what the wars were about, and how people should have seen the error of their ways and changed while it was possible, but the Second World War tried to get the message across at the end which is almost shown as at the end, the Birlings find out that an inspector is on his way to question them on Evas death. This is also a very important and powerful statement, as it would seem that the Inspector is implying that the war was sent to punish people for not working together and at the same time was forcing them to do so. The war broke down barriers between classes and people all had to work together for their country, not for personal gain, so what the Inspector spoke of was largely accurate. I think Priestley used the idea of war to convey his message because it was a major issue when the play was written and everyone would have suffered from it and would care greatly about it. This shows that the audience should change their opinions about one another; it also shows that if they had stuck together and shown equality between one another, then maybe the wars wouldnt have happened. Also some people may think that this speech shows that although the war may be sent down to punish the people, it may also have been sent down to guide the people. To show them that they should respect one another and they will all eventually have to work together. Some may say that the war may have been a blessing in disguise. In conclusion there are many dramatic devices used to contribute the raising political awareness in this play, and to help emphasise J.B Priestleys particular view, which is that the world needs to stop being Capitalist and start looking at the world form a socialists point of view. I think that Priestley has done well in showing how Socialism will always be better than Capitalism and has used a variety of ways to shows this. Possibly one of the best device used is the juxtaposition between the Inspector and Mr. Birling for this directly shows his personal views on the difference between Capitalism and Socialism. He also tries to show this by having the Inspector say that we are all part of one community, while Mr. Birling says as if we are bees in a hive, as if the community is vulgar, while the Inspector is showing just how wrong he is. Priestly has constructed an almost complete contrast between Mr. Birling and the Inspector, one representing Priestleys opinions and the other representing Pre World War One social opinions. Mr. Birling is ridiculed in the play with his speeches about the future. Mr. Birling is very explosive in his speech, which shows the uncomfortable nature of Capitalism, and how it can be upset by minimal things. The Inspector is given authority in his speeches and shows he is always calm and in control. This shows the audience that of the two ideas socialism is the better. I think that the main dramatic device used is the idea of collective responsibility. This is a major theme of the play. As well as trying to make the Birling family take personal responsibility for Evas death he also wants them to know that together they killed her. Priestley wants the audience to take responsibility for their mistakes, he wants them to feel guilty and work together to make things right. The fact that Priestley questions the morality of the audience is what makes them interested throughout the play. The audience feel as if theyre the ones that are being judged, and questioned, and that they need to confess and accept their responsibility. This involvement and idea of responsibility in my opinion is what makes An Inspector Calls an incredible, thought provoking play.

Is cloning the way of the future Essay Example for Free

Is cloning the way of the future Essay Dolly was born on 5 July 1996 at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. She was cloned by scientists replaced the nucleus of the egg cell with the nucleus from the parent cell in Dollys case, an udder cell. Somehow, the egg cell reprogrammed the donated DNA contained within its new nucleus, and Dolly was the result. The different types of cloning: There are many different types of cloning but the two main types are reproductive and therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning is the process of making natural humans being for example, twins as it is done for the purpose of making human beings. Reproductive cloning has a great effect on future cloning as, demonstrates ways of how we can adapt ideas of easier methods of cloning plus it also helps us analyse and research on the key accepts Therapeutic cloning is when; a clone is created for a particular need or purpose. Therapeutic cloning is again a great adaptation create to help future medicine and understanding, helping us to reduce the risk of diseases caused by faulty genes. These two are also examples of natural and unnatural cloning as, reproductive clones produce twins, and therapeutic cloning is when scientist use it for medicine and to improve human living quality. How is cloning used? Cloning has many various uses, as it can benefit us in many ways, with our ever expanding medical. Some examples of the numerous uses are:   Using it to create identical clones, and then obtaining the stems cells and using them to correct faulty genes, with out the fear of the cells being rejected.   Using it for selective breeding- for example plants that produce the nice and juicy strawberries can be cloned to produce more nice and juicy strawberries.   For drug reduction as creating cloned you can get identical cells   Medical research. Reviving the extinct animals- like leopard, which are near extinction   To replace, children that were very much loved but passed away   For twins As these there are many more which enable us to use this creation for many different uses, specified to our needs. Theses are all the ways in which cloning can and may be used in the future. How are clones used today? Clones have now been recognised by the public and has constantly, become the one of the main topics in the news as in ;The Times -Embryo with two mothers created. This is a topic related to that of cloning as in the article; A human embryo with two mothers and a father has been created for the first time by British scientists (Jack Malvern writes). The three- parents embryo, created by a team at Newcastle university, opens up the possibility of the short-circuiting genetic diseases by replacing faulty genes from one mother with healthy ones from another mother. It has been hailed as the first realistic hope of an effective treatment for 50 genetic conditions passed on through mitochondrial DNA-DNA clustered outside the nucleus in a cell. The diseases include forms of the muscular dystrophy, diabetes and epilepsy. Professor Doug Turnbull, who led the team, described the technique as a mitochondria transplant. Couples would use IVF treatment to create a fertilised egg, from which the nucleus would be removed after a few hours and implanted into a donor egg. The parents DNA remains in the nucleus but the DNA outside the nucleus would be from the donor mother. The childs appearance is affected only by nuclear DNA. (this has been taken from The Times feb 5th) This article is an example of cloning used for a particular purpose; it tells us about a mother who replaces most of her faulty genes with healthy ones. This is one example of how cloning has been used recently. Stem Cells: Stem cells have the remarkable potential to change to any cell or organism that is needed, this is because stem cells are unspecialised cells. Stem cells have become important to us, as they are great factors that enable us to improve our health and correct faulty genes, by using them replace some genes, as well as this there are many other important uses in cell based therapies, to repair other damaged cells with in the body, and loads more. Cloning can also be produced for the stem cells with in it allowing us to replaces faulty genes with eases. Is cloning ethnically right? Well as I have mentioned in above pages there are many different view on weather or not cloning is ethnically right, some saying it is good other say its not. There is not a exact answer to weather or not they are ethically right it actually depends upon the persons opinion. Conclusion Overall cloning is a huge leap forward for man kind as it has many benefits that can be acquire by the one process furthering our medical knowledge allowing us to produce more efficient and effective medicines for our patients.I do believe that one day cloning will become the thing of the future our future medicine! Bibliography: Some of the information was takes from:   Newspaper The Times   BBC News   http://stemcells. nih. gov/info/basics/   scientific books (school text books)   Picture   Science museum (website)   Kiran Toor 10S Science coursework Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Variation and Inheritance section.

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The Base Catalysed Transesterification Mechanism Biology Essay

The Base Catalysed Transesterification Mechanism Biology Essay The transesterification reaction is base catalyzed. Any strong base capable of deprotonating the alcohol will do (e.g. NaOH, KOH,  Sodium methoxide, etc.). Commonly the base (KOH, NaOH) is dissolved in the alcohol to make a convenient method of dispersing the otherwise solid catalyst into the oil. The ROH needs to be very dry. Any water in the process promotes the saponification reaction, thereby producing salts of fatty acids (soaps) and consuming the base, and thus inhibits the transesterification reaction. Once the alcohol mixture is made, it is added to the triglyceride. The reaction that follows replaces the alkyl group on the triglyceride in a series of steps. The carbon on the ester of the triglyceride has a slight positive charge, and the  carbonyl  oxygens have a slight negative charge. This polarization of the C=O bond is what attracts the RO-  to the reaction site. R1 Polarized attraction | RO- -> C=O | O-CH2-CH-CH2-O-C=O | | O-C=O R3 | R2 This yields a  tetrahedral intermediate  that has a negative charge on the former carbonyl oxygen: R1 | RO-C-O- (pair of electrons) | O-CH2-CH-CH2-O-C=O | | O-C=O R3 | R2 These electrons then fall back to the carbon and push off the  diacylglycerol  forming the ester. R1 | RO-C=O + -O-CH2-CH-CH2-O-C=O | | O-C=O R3 | R2 Then two more RO groups react via this mechanism at the other two C=O groups. This type of reaction has several limiting factors. RO-  has to fit in the space where there is a slight positive charge on the C=O. MeO- works well because it is small in size. As the chain length of the RO- group increases, reaction rates decrease. This effect is called  steric hindrance. This effect is a primary reason the short chain alcohols, methanol and ethanol, are typically used. There are several competing reactions, so care must be taken to ensure the desired reaction pathway occurs. Most methods do this by using an excess of RO-. The acid-catalyzed method is a slight variant that is also affected by steric hindrance. ACID CATALYSED: The reaction kinetics of acid-catalyzed transesterification of waste frying oil in excess methanol to form fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), for possible use as biodiesel, was studied. Rate of mixing, feed composition (molar ratio oil:methanol:acid) and temperature were independent variables. There was no significant difference in the yield of FAME when the rate of mixing was in the turbulent range 100 to 600  rpm. The oil:methanol:acid molar ratios and the temperature were the most significant factors affecting the yield of FAME. At 70  Ã‚ °C with oil:methanol:acid molar ratios of 1:245:3.8, and at 80  Ã‚ °C with oil:methanol:acid molar ratios in the range 1:74:1.9-1:245:3.8, the transesterification was essentially a pseudo-first-order reaction as a result of the large excess of methanol which drove the reaction to completion (99 ±1% at 4  h). In the presence of the large excess of methanol, free fatty acids present in the waste oil were very rapidly converted to methyl est ers in the first few minutes under the above conditions. Little or no monoglycerides were detected during the course of the reaction, and diglycerides present in the initial waste oil were rapidly converted to FAME. Industrial methods Batch process Preparation: care must be taken to monitor the amount of water and  free fatty acids  in the incoming biolipid (oil or fat). If the free fatty acid level or water level is too high it may cause problems with soap formation (saponification) and the separation of the glycerin by-product downstream. Catalyst is dissolved in the alcohol using a standard agitator or mixer. The alcohol/catalyst mix is then charged into a closed reaction vessel and the biolipid (vegetable or animal oil or fat) is added. The system from here on is totally closed to the atmosphere to prevent the loss of alcohol. The reaction mix is kept just above the  boiling point  of the alcohol (around 70  °C, 158  °F) to speed up the reaction though some systems recommend the reaction take place anywhere from  room temperature  to 55  °C (131  °F) for safety reasons. Recommended reaction time varies from 1 to 8 hours; under normal conditions the reaction rate will double with every 10  °C increase in reaction temperature. Excess alcohol is normally used to ensure total conversion of the fat or oil to its esters. The glycerin phase is much denser than biodiesel phase and the two can be gravity  separated  with glycerin simply drawn off the bottom of the  settling  vessel. In some cases, a  centrifuge  is used to separate the two materials faster. Once the glycerin and biodiesel phases have been separated, the excess alcohol in each phase is removed with a  flash evaporationprocess or by distillation. In other systems, the alcohol is removed and the mixture neutralized before the  glycerin  and esters have been separated. In either case, the alcohol is recovered using  distillation  equipment and is re-used. Care must be taken to ensure no water accumulates in the recovered alcohol stream. The glycerin by-product contains unused catalyst and soaps that are neutralized with an acid and sent to storage as crude glycerin (water and alcohol are removed later, chiefly using  evaporation, to produce 80-88% pure glycerin). Once separated from the glycerin, the biodiesel is sometimes purified by washing gently with warm water to remove residual catalyst or soaps, dried, and sent to storage. Supercritical process An alternative, catalyst-free method for transesterification uses  supercritical  methanol at high temperatures and pressures in a continuous process. In the supercritical state, the oil and methanol are in a single phase, and reaction occurs spontaneously and rapidly.[6]  The process can tolerate water in the feedstock, free fatty acids are converted to methyl esters instead of soap, so a wide variety of feedstocks can be used. Also the catalyst removal step is eliminated.  High temperatures and pressures are required, but energy costs of production are similar or less than catalytic production routes. Ultra- and high-shear in-line and batch reactors Ultra- and High Shear in-line or batch reactors allow production of biodiesel continuously, semi- continuously, and in batch-mode. This drastically reduces production time and increases production volume. The reaction takes place in the high-energetic shear zone of the Ultra- and High Shear mixer by reducing the droplet size of the immiscible liquids such as oil or fats and methanol. Therefore, the smaller the droplet size the larger the surface area the faster the catalyst can react. Ultrasonic-reactor method In the ultrasonic reactor method, the ultrasonic waves cause the reaction mixture to produce and collapse bubbles constantly. This cavitation provides simultaneously the mixing and heating required to carry out the transesterification process. Thus using an ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel production drastically reduces the reaction time, reaction temperatures, and energy input. Hence the process of transesterification can run inline rather than using the time consuming batch processing. Industrial scale ultrasonic devices allow for the industrial scale processing of several thousand barrels per day. Microwave method Current research is being directed into using commercial microwave ovens to provide the heat needed in the transesterification process.The microwaves provide intense localized heating that may be higher than the recorded temperature of the reaction vessel. A continuous flow process producing 6 liters/minute at a 99% conversion rate has been developed and shown to consume only one-fourth of the energy required in the batch process.Although it is still in the lab-scale, development stage, the microwave method holds great potential to be an efficient and cost-competitive method for commercial-scale biodiesel production. Lipase-catalyzed method Large amounts of research have focused recently on the use of enzymes as a catalyst for the transesterification. Researchers have found that very good yields could be obtained from crude and used oils using lipases. The use of lipases makes the reaction less sensitive to high FFA content which is a problem with the standard biodiesel process. One problem with the lipase reaction is that methanol cannot be used because it inactivates the lipase catalyst after one batch. However, if methyl acetate is used instead of methanol, the lipase is not in-activated and can be used for several batches, making the lipase system much more cost effective. ADVANCES: The project funded by a federal grant, aims at finding a production system that is affordable. Steve Bond, Blue Sun Energys marketing manager CLAIMS that it costs about $20 a gallon to produce biodiesel out of algae at the present and the com[anys aim is to get the costs down to under $2 a gallon. The company believes that it has already made advances in biodiesel production that makes it greener and more versatile than other production methods on the market. The company says its product reduces emissions of pollutants including global warming gases like nitrogen oxide. According to the company, many biodiesels products actually increase nitrogen oxide emissions. Blue Sun Energy also claims its additive helps boost fuel economy by seven per cent, reduce wear in fleet vehicles and even improve performance in cold-weather conditions. SUMMARY: The importance of biodiesel as a renewable and economically viable alternative to fossil diesel for applications in compression ignition (CI) engines has led to intense research in the field over the last two decades. This is predominantly due to the depletion of petroleum resources, and increasing awareness of environmental and health impacts from the combustion of fossil diesel. Biodiesel is favoured over other biofuels because of its compatibility with present day CI engines, with no further adjustments required to the core engine configurations when used in either neat or blended forms. Studies conducted to date on various CI engines fuelled with varying biodiesel types and blends under numerous test cycles have shown that key tailpipe pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, aromatics, sulphur oxides, unburnt hydrocarbons and particulate matters are potentially reduced. The effects of biodiesel on nitrogen oxides emission require further tests and validations. The improvement in mos t of the diesel emission species comes with a trade-off in a reduction of brake power and an increase in fuel consumption. Biodiesels lubricating properties are generally better than those of its fossil diesel counterpart, which result in an increased engine life. These substantial differences in engine-out responses between biodiesel and fossil diesel combustion are mainly attributed to the physical properties and chemical composition of the fuels. Despite the purported benefits, widespread adoption of biodiesel usage in CI engines is hindered by outstanding technical challenges, such as low temperature inoperability, storage instabilities, in-cylinder carbon deposition and fuel line corrosion. It is imperative that these issues are addressed appropriately to ensure that long-term biodiesel usage in CI engines does not negatively affect the overall engine durability. Possible solutions range from biodiesel fuel reformulation through feedstock choice and production technique, to the simple addition of fuel additives. This calls for a more strategic and comprehensive research effort internationally, with an overarching approach for co-ordinating sustainable exploitation and utilisation of biodiesel. This review examines the combustion quality, exhaust emissions and tribological impacts of biodiesel on CI engines, with specific focus on the influence of biodiesels physico-chemical properties. Ongoing efforts in mitigating problems related to engine operations due to biodiesel usage are addressed. Present day biodiesel production methods and emerging trends are also identified, with specific focus on the conventional transesterification process wherein factors affecting its yield are discussed. REFRENCES: 1.Otera, J. Chem. Rev. 1993, 93, 1449. 2.Weissermel, K.; Arpe, H.-J. In Industrial Organic Chemistry, VCH Verlagsgesellschaft, 2 nd Ed., Weinhein, 1993, p 396. 3.Rehberg, C.E.; Fisher, C.H. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1944, 66, 1203. 4.Rehberg, C.E.; Faucette, W.A.; Fisher, C.H. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1944, 66, 1723. 5.Rehberg, C.E. Org. Synth. 1955, III, 146. 6.Haken, J.K. J. Appl. Chem. 1963, 13, 168. 7.Shishido, K.; Irie, O.; Shibuya, M. Tetrahedron Lett. 1992, 33, 4589. 8.Chavan, S.P.; Zubaidha, P.K.; Ayyangar, N.R. Tetrahedron Lett. 1992, 33, 4605. 9.Vatlas, I.; Harrison, I.T.; Tà ¶kà ©s, L.; Fried, J.H.; Cross, A.D. J. Org. Chem. 1968, 33, 4176. 10.Narasaka, K.; Yamaguchi, M.; Mukaiyama, T. Chem. Lett. 1977, 959. 11.Taft, R.W. Jr.; Newman, M.S.; Verhoek, F.H. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1950, 72, 4511. 12.Billman, J.H.; Smith, W.T. Jr.; Rendall, J.L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1947, 69, 2058. 13.Haken, J.K. J. Appl. Chem. 1966, 16, 89. 14.Frank, R.L.; Davis, H.R. Jr.; Drake, S.S.; McPherson, J.B. Jr. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1944, 66, 1509. 15.Wulfman, D.

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The Impractical Philosophies of Self-reliance and Civil Disobedience Es

The Impractical Philosophies of Self-reliance and Civil Disobedience The philosophies of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson would work well in a society comprised only of highly intellectual, healthy individuals who were willing put forth the effort needed to thoroughly examine themselves and formulate their own opinions about every issue pertaining to them. Emerson said that all members of society should think for themselves and formulate their own opinions rather than conforming to a popular belief. Thoreau said that the best government was no government, and that people should always do what was just. A society that functioned under the ideals of Emerson and Thoreau would have no problems. No money would be needed, because all members of society would do what was right and help each other out. A farmer would give away his grain and in return would receive everything he needed from other members of society. No crimes would be committed because people would think through what they were about to do and realize that a better option existed. Re alistically, such a society is not possible because humans constantly make mistakes, and since these ideals rest on the notion that all members of society will adhere to them, the philosophies are not practical. Because humans could never fully adhere to them, the philosophies of Emerson and Thoreau will never be adopted in society. The philosophy of Thoreau hinges on the acceptance and truth of the philosophy of Emerson, and the philosophy of Emerson is ruined if the philosophy of Thoreau cannot be followed. Emerson preached that all men should trust their own hearts, and that what they thought was good and true. "To believe your own thought, to believe that ... ...s as the checks and balances for human neglect. People have two distinct natural tendencies. At heart, they tend to be good, but in action they tend to be bad. People know the difference between right and wrong, but usually do not act on this knowledge. They tend to act too quickly, to give in to their desire for more money and more power, thinking that these will bring them happiness. People usually fail to understand that true happiness lies in doing the right thing. Self-reliance and civil disobedience go hand in hand. If all people are self-reliant, then they can function with no government at all. But if one man is not self-reliant and acts against his good nature, government is needed and thus self-reliance cannot fully function. In a perfect society, these ideals would work wonders. In flawed society they will accomplish nothing.

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German Management System :: essays research papers

German management, as it has evolved over the centuries and has established itself since World War II, has a distinct style and culture. Like so many things German, it goes back to the medieval guild and merchant tradition, but it also has a sense of the future and of the long term. The German style of competition is rigorous but not ruinous. Although companies might compete for the same general market, as Daimler-Benz and BMW do, they generally seek market share rather than market domination. Many compete for a specific niche. German companies despise price competition. Instead, they engage in what German managers describe as Leistungswettbewerb, competition on the basis of excellence in their products and services. They compete on a price basis only when it is necessary, as in the sale of bulk materials like chemicals or steel. The German manager concentrates intensely on two objectives: product quality and product service. He wants his company to be the best, and he wants it to have the best products. The manager and his entire team are strongly product oriented, confident that a good product will sell itself. But the manager also places a high premium on customer satisfaction, and Germans are ready to style a product to suit a customer's wishes. The watchwords for most German managers and companies are quality, responsiveness, dedication, and follow-up. Product orientation usually also means production orientation. Most German managers, even at senior levels, know their production lines. They follow production methods closely and know their shop floors intimately. They cannot understand managers in the United States who want only to see financial statements and "the bottom line" rather than inspect a plant's production processes. A German manager believes deeply that a good-quality production line and a good-quality product will do more for the bottom line than anything else. Relations between German managers and workers are often close, because they believe that they are working together to create a good product. If there is a third objective beyond quality and service, it is cooperation--or at least coordination--with government. German industry works closely with government. German management is sensitive to government standards, government policies, and government regulations. Virtually all German products are subject to norms--the German Industrial Norms (Deutsche Industrie Normen--DIN)--established through consultation between industry and government but with strong inputs from the management associations, chambers of commerce, and trade unions. As a result of these practices, the concept of private initiative operating within a public framework lies firmly imbedded in the consciousness of German managers.

Dr. Richard P. Feynman Essay -- Physics Biography Biographies

The Early Life of Dr. Richard P. Feynman Richard Feynman was a modern Renaissance man. Hailed as a scientist, musician, Nobel Laureate, and teacher. He played in a street band in Rio de Janerio, deciphered Mayan hieroglyphics, a fundamental contributor to quantum electrodynamics, and one of two learned men of his time on Tanna Tuva, his experience and skill were of a broad range and applications. Born in 1918 in Far Rockaway, New York, Richard Feynman started working with and studying electronics at a young age. At eleven, he began to repair radio systems as a hobby, for hotels and homes alike. Because it was the Depression, and he worked for free, he received a good deal of demand. He wasn't trying to make a profit; he wanted to learn more about them, by repairing. His spare time was usually spent experimenting with various different electronics. He once crafted a radio that could pick up signals from Texas, and used it to "predict" radio shows, by listening to them a few hours before the local stations broadcast them. At seventeen, he attended MIT, studying physics and graduating after four years as a physics major. During this time he met Arlene, whom he married in 1941. She shared a vigor for life with Feynman, and served as a point of constancy in his life. He went on to study at Princeton after graduating from MIT in 1943. Here he had another experiment; if you take a S-shaped sprinkler, submerge it in water, and vacuum water into it, which direction does it turn, the same as if it were spraying water into air, or the opposite? The debate for this question went on long enough, that Feynman decided to go out and DO it. By placing such a sprinkler into a large water bottle, and pressurizing the water to push water int... ... light also brought about the discovery of Tuvan throat-singers, singers of a particular style that they can harmonize with themselves, something previously thought to be impossible. In 1985, Feynman published his book, Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman, an autobiography which relates his life and personal anecdotes, which was a national bestseller for 14 weeks. Posthumously, the sequel, What Do You Care What Other People Think?, was also published. In 1987, Feynman was discovered to have another cancerous tumor. Although this one was also remover, it left him greatly weakened. He was admitted to a hospital again in February 1988 for a gastrointestinal ulcer, which destroyed his other kidney. Although he could have extended his lifespan by using a dialysis machine, he declined that to accept a natural death. Dr. Richard P. Feynman died on February 15, 1988.

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Personal Quality Essay

When there seems the world is all against one, when it seems efforts are not yielding as expected and there is rather no companion to encourage and carry on with a task at hand, a residual doggedness and resilience becomes the most important personal tools necessary to fuel the battle to success. My standard is beyond meeting average, average is rather a stepping stone to my destiny; it is no point to rest laurel and celebrate. We live in a competitive world, as such; it becomes a persona to keep fit with the survival strategy to achieve remarkable impact amidst brilliant minds. Determination is the backbone or central to the passion sustaining my resilience and doggedness when involve in a task. I have got the lots to ensure a living beyond mediocrity. In my understanding, I see no one ever oozing his way out of mediocrity like a lazy slug. Everyone I know who models a high level of excellence has won the battle of the mind and taken the right captivating thoughts. However, with risks, the individuals have chosen to fill the role of an active pen flowing with ink rather than a passive blotter that only sits and soaks what others do; they have decided to get personally involved with life rather than sitting back, frowning and watching life dwindling to a trickle and ultimately stagnating. The power of their mind expounds the basis for determination leading to the evident doggedness and resilience on the path of success. Secondly I cherish team spirit. This is one of the leading qualities of a real-time organization or researching team in institution. A contributing skill requires excellent team spirit at work without lackadaisical attitude to one’s assigned role in a cooperative academic work. The difficulty I have faced when i arrived in this country was language understanding but my intellectual curiosity and personal talent have helped me overcome that barrier tremendously. My personal achievement helped me to discover a sense of individuality and to envision the contributions I might make it to UC Universities. Furthermore, the difficulty i faced when my father was diagnosed with cancer was equally developing after all. Unfortunately i had to work and go to school at the same time that was when my GPA had dropped a bit. But this accomplishment had me persistent to work harder in school and also had me mentally tougher to face the unpredictable challenges in school and life. Now I know that life is not constant and doesn’t stay in one situation for ever. With the excellent involvement in Hospital voluntary groups for two years, I have realized now that I have to take more responsibility in life in order for me to achieve my goal. I have always dreamt of being a doctor and there I strongly believe nothing can stop me from achieving this goal. This has been my life long dream. These experiences in life have helped me grow, learn and emerged my high level of maturity.

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“A Scrap of Paper” by Studdert Kennedy and Geoffrey Anketell Just a little scrap of paper

The poesy I chose is called A check of makeup. I desire that this metrical composition is iodin of the worlds trounce and around interesting meters Ive ever so read, and even though its short, it leaves a lot for the ratifier to figure more or less. The rime was written around the time of the root World War, and that is what I venture it is about a person who has received a letter saying that they have disjointed a loved one in war. Although the song is short, there is not a lack of rhetorical devices. Imagery is vulgar throughout the poem. In the scratch line line, the description of the brusque scrap of paper sets up a vivid mental digit for the reader.This paper isnt overly semiprecious and not something that is important, yet to the recipient family, it is the most priceless artifact. It is plainly a little scrap of paper which the reader buns now key out. When I read this I think of an older looking humans of paper that probably is crinkled. I think the term just adds to the imagery. The word just is similar to lone(prenominal), which demeans value. Its only one scrap of paper. In the sec line, verbal imagery is pre displace in the description of the yellow envelope. This literal imagery leads into more figurative imagery.The reader of the poem now has some culture to set up the setting of where and when they think the poem is being placed. For me, I hang a ho phthisis with a madam standing on the front porch safekeeping the envelope in one give-up the ghost and the little scrap of paper in the other. The colour of the envelope adds irony and furrow to the scent of the poem. The colour yellow is seldom affiliated with glumness, which is distinctly present in this poem. Yellow is often seen as a colour that consumes joy, happiness, energy and, many may even argue, fancy. This is ironic beca ingestion the contents inwardly this yellow envelope is none of the above.These riant emotions associated with the colour yellow argon gelid opposites from what lies within the envelope. I think that this was through with(p) intentionally by the poets to make the sadness of the letter that much greater. The resource of the word scrap to describe the forgather of paper was as well a meaningful choice done by the poets. They could have use a different denotation, such as a piece of paper. exploitation the word scrap sets a harsher nip and shows that the conditions of where the letter is from (theoretically from where the war was taking place) be not in a advanced condition. The scrap piece of paper symbolizes dismission of hope.When there is no scrap piece of paper the families ar bottled up with hope that their loved one will survey home after the war. When the letter gets sent to the houses of loved ones, this hope is immediately wooly as they will never see their loved one again. There are many rhetorical devices present in the poem A Scrap of Paper that help the reader call forth the key messages and meanings in the poem. There are also some vowelise devices used in the poem. The poem itself is a rhyming poem. It follows the embodiment abcb. A common trend in poems about war, death, and other tragedies seems to be rhyming.Rhymes feces help to lighten the mood of the poem and add a nice beat to the piece. The couplet of words that rhyme are envelope and hope. There are two very distinct types of connections surrounded by these words which is seen in their make context. In the context of this poem, these words contrast for each one other. This envelope does not associate with hope, it is the opposite. In general context, envelopes lavatory often bring hope to people. There is always an gene of surprise attached along with envelopes since one is often unsure of the contents within. The use of consonance is present in the adduce scrap of paper.There is a repetition of the letter p. The use of the sound device consonance more often than not adds a harsh an d dark tone. This tone goes along with the theme of war. In conclusion, the sound devices used in the poem A Scrap of Paper help to enhance the theme and meaning of the poem. The saying quality, not quantity is definitely applicable to this poem. The first time I read the poem over, I thought there was no way that this poem is exemplary to be one of the worlds trump poems. After analyzing it more thoroughly, I effected my initial opinion was very wrong.I think thats what the poets were hoping the reader would think. The aloofness of a poem does not pay off its depth and meaning and this was in effect proved while analyzing this poem. The simplicity and curtness also allows the reader to make their own assumptions. I think that this is a vertical quality for a poem to have. The definite results are not set in stone, so the reader can make their own connections with the poem. It is evident that every detail was considered while making this poem and thats why I believe it is one of the worlds beat out poems.

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American Jury System

American Jury System

The Court system consists of numerous levels.The court system is made up of laws, statue, and codes. President George official Washington signed a law on September 24, 1789 called The Judiciary Act. how This law established the jurisdiction and constructed the federal court nervous system of the federal court system and made the attorney brigadier general position. The Court system is made up of many laws.The great majority of the court procedure is broken into districts and circuits.Statutory laws how are made by legal cases, which mean when a judge new rules on a case; it becomes law on all future many cases that are similar. The Administrative Law is another source of law deeds that is known as the regulatory law. This law governs chorus both state and federal agencies. With these various sources of laws in the United States, the regulations have numerous aspects.

It is.The Court system is made up of one many levels. There are 3 structures of the other federal courts. The district courts, Courts of Appeals (appellate court) and Supreme Courts are made up in the federal court system. The appellate courts have no original jurisdiction.A trial by jury lowers the little likelihood of making mistakes.Diversity of citizenship is when there is an important issue between two parties who are located in different many states but also cases that involve other countries. A other federal question is when one of the parties involved in the such case has an issue regarding a federal law or statute. Courts are made to find the main purpose of their jurisdiction. Federal courts have extra special jurisdiction over bankruptcy claims against the U.

Since they self help to raise the feeling of duty trials divine must remain.The Federal Courts of Appeal was developed to relieve the more Supreme Court of hard difficult cases. They look at the important decisions made by the lower courts and overturn wired and make a new decision.The Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to make sure deeds that the laws and decision that are made in the United States are constitutional.Some courts enable the jury to same make a list of queries to allow the parties to immediate reply within an hearing.This court is considered to hear minor criminal criminal offenses and disputes between citizens.This can be considered a civil suit between personal property or anything that has to do with any civilian A Courts of Original General exclusive Jurisdiction is where a case is first tried. There is no popular appeal because the case has not retired. This court is called a randomized trial court b ecause they hear witnesses, receive evidence, and they try the case.

The Supreme Court is the maximum court in the USA.Defendants best can always have many rights. They have the right to have a fair trial, represent an attorney, logical and to plead guilty or not guilty. Defense attorneys best can assist clients throughout the trial. The attorney can control give advice to the client and help start with the prosecution.It was his case.They can also try logical and reduce your bail. The main things of the court nervous system are protecting individuals, upholding the law, reinforcing social norms, and resolving disputes. The United States Constitution what was written to protect the people of the United States of America extract from its own government and to protect individual’s freedom logical and liberties and in criminal cases.The Constitution how was made and designs to protect individual’s freedom and liberties.

Jury is the most efficient http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Appellate_court http://www. littletongov.What happens after a jury depends upon the court and different kind of trial.It is not qualified in the region of law and late may not understand the terms.

A jury may be used in some civil matters too.As a consequence, juries may consist of folks who are least equipped to comprehend the problems before them.From time to time, a jury cant gather enough votes.On the little flip side, some people can state juries how are illiterate.

The jury process is a system that is rather old.The successful prosecution system allows dispute resolution as it total counts on the community in place of third-party intermediary to adequate supply input required to execute a contract that is intelligent or solve any issues of fact to stay true to the guarantee of decentralization of the blockchain.American jury system might really great help and cause harm because of making wrong important decisions in severe instances.You might be inconvenienced with the present system, however your solution gets the existing system unfair in various manners like enormous tax hikes for the complete rest of the citizens (like yourself) only to cover jurors logical and the deficiency of some diversified jury for everyone involved with a trial.