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Earthquake Topics Essay - What Is It?

Earthquake Topics Essay - What Is It? You may even make up something in case you have to, provided that it's analogous to your side of the debate (I only suggest this as a final resort in the event you brain fart or something). That's a really straightforward definition, and in practice the distinction is quite a bit more nuanced, but it captures the fundamentals. If you're thinking that you will need a person to compose my essay at the moment, you can just rely on our honest reviews. We present to you the very best essay writing service reviews so you know precisely what to expect before actually placing your purchase. A lot of experience was amassed on how best to develop or locate structures to lower the probability of building collapse in an earthquake. It takes only 5 minutes to read a review and discover out all you should know about that provider. You are able to even check out several reviews and opt for the business that most suits your requirements and reasonably priced budget. Our reviews contain details such as the score of the clients, our rating, starting prices, Discounts, and caliber of the papers. This is credited to the simple fact that earthquakes aren't easy to forecast, and the outcomes aren't always accurate. An earthquake can occur at any place and at any moment, it never gives its victims an opportunity to escape. They make change in the natural environment in a number of ways. Read the most recent news and articles about earthquakes. A photo essay is a group of pictures with a general topic or theme. This is all that is necessary in regard to description you always need to acquire onto analysis promptly. These examples are just a few of the numerous spaces that could be positively influenced by means of an emphasis on educational equity and a careful grasp of the difference between equity and equality. In the example section right after we discuss examples of bibliography undertaking, we'll especially use all the metrics we've defined. Simply speaking, Earthquake usually means the shaking of the planet's surface. Therefore, the moment the earthquake came, evacuation would not be able to be made effective and thus a big damage was resulted. An earthquake below the ocean can make a tsunami. There are large earthquakes and little earthquakes. The apparatus employed in rescuing people can be made better by way of technology. The very first type is Volcano-tectonic earthquake. According to building codes, earthquake-resistant structures are meant to withstand the greatest earthquake of a specific probability that's very likely to occur at their location. Seismologists have a tendency to differentiate between the 3 distinct forms of earthquakes. So far as earthquakes are involved, people around the world are told to calmly leave the. Other nations on earth aren't so advanced. Every portion of the world has earthquakes, but in the majority of places they aren't strong. Without nature, there's nothing within this world. Top Earthquake Topics Essay Choices As a consequence, some are so weak they go unnoticed. As soon as your proofreader has indicated changes, it's the right time to compose your final draft. On the financial component, the disastrous events resulted in huge financial losses. You may have to create another draft because the very first draft is usually merely a rough variant of the paper. Also, utilize all the scratch paper you want. You're now prepared to submit your work! You're able to only 1 format in writing any document, you've got to mention the sort of the citation format you've used while creating. You've got to compose several academic papers over the duration of a year.

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Different Influences That Affect The Way We Grow, Think,...

The world has many different influences that affect the way we grow, think, and act. It is interesting how some people from the same background and upbringing can become completely different people simply by the people they associate with. Psychologically association can be one of the best or worst things that can happen to someone. Depending on the type of association can determine which road you go down in life. Choices like this start at a very young age, such as grade school to high school. When in school, most establish the type of associations that they want to have around them around elementary years. If they have someone dressing a certain way then they will tend to change the way that are dressing. The way they dress, talk, walk, and treat others will start to become something that rubs off on you. Just like having a bad influence, others can have a great impact on those around them such as manners, respect, and the ways they speak, walk, and talk. If those around you are setting a good example of how to act then this is what should be followed. . Even in today’s world social media plays a large part in pushing what success is when speaking about role models. The proper role models for youth are not deemed as successful and are not shown on social media or television. This makes it hard from day one for those who see something such as a positive example because it does not seem to be the most poplar way in school. Students in the earlier years are easierShow MoreRelatedThere Comes A Time In Life Where We Finally Reach A Point1683 Words   |  7 PagesThere comes a time in life where we finally reach a point where we begin to settle down with someone, fall in love, get married, and eventually try for a baby. People wait nine-months of long and hard obstacles to finally meet their baby boy or baby girl. One cannot help but have a certain mindset already placed for each gender that they are expecting. A feminine floral pink baby shower for a girl or a blue, masculine one for a boy. As much as we want to say that things are better now and the rolesRead MoreThe Field Of Personality Development1337 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract The way we walk, to the way we talk. How we reason, and how we act, all depend on our personality. Personality development is relevant to adolescent development because the two go hand in hand. With development comes development of who someone is, their personality. In this paper I will look deeper into the genetics behind personality development, as well as the environmental aspect. I will relate personality development to aspects of learning discussed in the course material. I willRead MoreWhat Does Culture Affect Hr Philosophy, Policies And Programs?1098 Words   |  5 Pagesone another. How does culture affect HR philosophy, policies and programs? Culture consists of symbolic system of values, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about appropriate behaviors that are shared in our society as a way of life. In other words, culture is a set of meanings (senses) and values that inform a particular way of life. It is lifestyle that shape and form a particular human group. For this reason it is important to recognize that culture affect human resource philosophy, policiesRead MoreNature Vs Nurture Essay989 Words   |  4 Pagesas a blank slate†¦ everything that we are and all of our knowledge is determined by our experiences†. A man does not grow up hating everyone and everything but is innocent; changed by society and it’s ways. As children we don’t have our own mindset but more of â€Å"a blank slate†. Man begins to follow and take over the habits of what they grew up seeing, both good and bad. Society has it’s ways in getting to people and pushing them to their limit and as a child we are exposed to how others react toRead MoreDoes Absolute Freedom Exist? Essay860 Words   |  4 Pagesthere are many social factors that influence our thoughts which in turn causes our freedom to become limited. It is also apparent that even if someone is able to think freely they may not be able to act freely on their thoughts, which again causes freedom to become limited. Along with this, the idea that the culture/society were born into is what shapes the way we think and act is brought up. Every culture has its own set of rules and beliefs that influence the people of that culture. SocietyRead MoreEffects Of Mass Media And Gender889 Words   |  4 Pagessociety, we see the effects of mass media and media imaging more than we have in any era before. Whether it be the large amount of new social media apps, the access to growing technology and communication throughout the world, or simply the millions of viewers and users, social media has become one, if not the most influential source in the world. This gives mass media the power to create, destroy, and spread any image or idea having a large effect on the audience that sees it. And whether we realizeRead MoreOur Individual Identity Is Determined by What Others Think of Us1283 Words   |  6 PagesIdentity and belonging - Expository Essay Our individual identity is determined by what others think of us. Our identity is comprised of inner qualities and outer representations of self. It consists of innumerable defining characteristics that make up the whole of who we are in any given moment. These fragments of self include our sexuality, gender, and sense of belonging to a particular culture, nation, religion, family, or some other group. Our identity includes our looks, personality, beliefsRead MoreLanguage And Masculinity : An Article By The Newsweek1519 Words   |  7 Pagestalks about how man’s rationality controls everything he does, from the way a man speaks and acts to the way a man views others. A man’s religion, community, and family can affect this rationality. In an article by the Newsweek, it explains how language has created a gender gap, and how the gender gap has deemed what is masculine and what is feminine. In Sophocles ‘Antigone†, Creon is an example of how men use power has a way to appear rational to the general society. One can see how t hese three articlesRead MoreSociety s Effect On Society1419 Words   |  6 PagesSociety has a set way of perceiving everyone in the world. There are set things and places in which we all â€Å"belong† to and if we do not fit that then we somehow find ourselves isolated from the normal population. People dream and long for the day where they can fulfill the â€Å"American† dream where they settle down with someone of the opposite gender, fall in love, get married, and eventually try for a baby. People wait for nine-months of long and hard obstacles to finally meet their baby boy or babyRead MoreA Social Perspective On Child Development1304 Words   |  6 PagesKnowing and understanding how children learn, grow and change is significant when one is asked to diagnose certain physical, and cognitive concerns with a child. It allows others to realize and accept the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and educational growth a child goes through from the time they were born throughout their early adulthood. Engagement in the social and physical world pushes their development forward. Child development can be seen as a social constructivism, (development

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Business Process Outsourcing Is A New Management Strategy

Business process outsourcing is a new management strategy, which encompasses transfers of an organisation’s internal functions to a third party. In essence, it encompasses entrusting and ensuring a third party with company functions. The third party executes the function and meets the expectations of the company (Kozweska 2004). Company objectives primarily dictate the above expectations. A company transfers business tasks and processes to an external provider, a specialist in a particular field, to enhance its profitability and hence return of investment to its shareholders. Business process outsourcing also provides a basis for establishment long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between the company and the outsourced provider.†¦show more content†¦The company has outsourced its Information Technology (IT) functions to an Indian IT company, Indo-System Solutions (ISS). Initially, Globshop’s senior management was skeptical about transferring the above fu nction to the IT services provider. However, over time, they came to realize benefits accrued from outsourcing. However, there are still risks associated with the above management strategy. Globshop’s senior management requires an in-depth analysis of the above strategy, which defines the company’s future relationship with ISS. Growth of Offshore Outsourcing Several factors have fuelled the unprecedented growth in business process outsourcing. One such factor is the technological revolution. Technological revolution especially in the information technology sector has seen the introduction of fast and reliable communication channels. Such channels include high-speed internet, which ensures that individuals from different countries can communicate in real time (Duening Click 2005). This facilitates a multi-location execution of tasks where employees in different locations communicate using tools such as video conferencing. This has increased contact between companies and their outsourced services providers. As such, efficient communication between companies ensures smooth and timely execution of tasks and functions. This translates into an overall efficiency at the company. Another factor is the emergence of newly developed economies including

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Common Core State Standards Essay - 872 Words

Common Core State Standards CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.1.3 Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.G.A.1 Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size); build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes Students will illustrate a picture to match their stories. Illustrations will incorporate accurate geometry shapes and meet the â€Å"good,† criteria on the assessment rubric. Students will write a narrative story to accompany their illustrations to†¦show more content†¦Students will be graded according to the assessment rubric. What is being assessed: †¢ Students apply their knowledge of geometry to use shapes in unique/creative ways in their Halloween designs. †¢ Students use their knowledge of narrative story parts to write a coherent story that relates to what we learned about the history of Halloween. Assessment accommodations: †¢ 4th grade students will be provided with shapes that they can trace on their illustrations. †¢ 4th grade students will be provided with pictures they can use to create their storyboards. †¢ 4th grade students and Brandon will be provided with a shape reference sheet †¢ 4th grade students and Brandon will be provided with a scribe Type of feedback that will be given to students: 1. During the writing process, teachers will monitor students’ progress and offer assistance 2. Once students are finished writing, teacher will check for proper writing mechanics. 3. As students are drawing their designs, they will receive oral feedback from adults in the room. 4. At the end of the activity, peers will be asked to share what they like about each story and/or illustration. Evaluation Criteria of Assessment (Entire Class) Awesome! Good Needs Work Writing Students write unique stories that include two or more things they learned from the â€Å"History of Halloween† lesson. Students storiesShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Common Core State Standards1431 Words   |  6 PagesThe Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are being deceitfully sold to the general public as a state-led initiative to reform the current curriculum taught in our public schools. In the standards there are very specific objectives that need to be met by the end of each school year for all grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade. So far the only subjects that have seen any change are mathematics, reading, writing, and literature. The standards are advertised as school, teacher, and administrationRead MoreCommon Core State Standards Essay633 Words   |  3 PagesCommon Core State Standards The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices made up a set of educational standards called the Common Core State Standards in Suwanee, GA which dealt with math and english-language arts for grades k-12. They were â€Å"developed in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders including content experts, states, teachers, school administrators and parents. The standards establish clear and consistent goals for learning that will prepare America’s children forRead MoreCommon Core State Standards Essay1246 Words   |  5 Pages45 states that have adopted the same educational standards called Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The initiative is sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers and seeks to establish consistent education standards across the states. The Common Core Standards is initiative state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade i n English and Mathematical standards. These standards helpRead MoreCommon Core State Standards Essay1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe Common Core State Standards (CCSS) identify expectations of what the students will be able to achieve by the end of the school year. The standards provide teachers and curriculum developers the opportunity to use their best findings and available tools to meet these ends (California Department of Education, 2013). The reader needs to understand that the teaching principles implemented by individuals who received extensive  training in college-based teacher training programs in order to understandRead MoreEssay Common Core State Standards919 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent assessments with subjects like science, math, and language arts. However, within the past year many schools in the United States of America have switched their state standards to a new standard known as common core. Common core is now a nationwide standardized test with subjects like reading, writing, and math. Some standards that are evident in the common core are, â€Å"research and evidence based, clear, understandable, and consistent, aligned with college and career expectations, based on rigorousRead More The Common Core State Standards Essay2312 Words   |  10 Pagesdid not already know? Contrary to my expectation, the first day of class, I learned things about math that had never been brought to my attention. This paper will discuss what I have learned about subtraction, about students, about the Common Core State Standards, and how my concept map has changed since my first draft. Cardinality and Subitizing Cardinality and subitizing are not topics encountered in everyday life, unless you happen to be a math education specialist. Both were words I had notRead MoreEssay on Common Core State Standards and Its Impact on Curriculum 1641 Words   |  7 PagesCommon Core State Standards and Its Impact on Curriculum Introduction Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is a voluntary state led initiative that looks to establish clear expectations for learning in grades kindergarten through twelfth that are standard from state to state. The purpose of the standards is to make certain that there is uniformity in student proficiency and high school graduates have the know-how and ability needed for college and a competitive workforce in the twenty-first centuryRead MoreThe Problems With Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Essay1690 Words   |  7 Pagessupport common core state standards (CCSS), they have not received or researched the history of how CCSS introduced itself. Furthermore, they do not understand that local control is being taken away, which results in the eventual destruction of excellent, local schools, students, and future generations. Two private trade organizations located in Washington, D.C, wrote the CCSS at the request of Achieve, a company created by Bill and Melinda Gates. Thus, CCSS did not arise from the state level butRead MoreCommon Core Standards : A Standard Or A Type Of Curriculum?1713 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is Common Core? Is it a standard or a type of Curriculum? According to CoreStandards.org, common core is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (ELA). These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. The standards were created to ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life, regardless of where they liveRead MoreAndy Thomson: A Political Leader with Courage814 Words   |  3 PagesMy essay about a political leader who had courage is about Andy Thompson. I met Representative Thompson his first year running for State Representative and have helped with his campaigns since then. He served three terms on Marietta’s city council. He is now currently serving his second term in the Ohio House of Representatives. Representative Thompson serves the 95th district in Ohio, which includes Noble, Harrison, and Carroll counties, as well as parts of Washington and Belmont counties. He

The Tone of Irony in The Unknown Citizen Essay - 1862 Words

â€Å"The Unknown Citizen,† a poem written by W.H. Auden, alludes to a time of great change in American history, where the poem is meant to mock the government’s viewpoint of the perfect role model for an unrealistic, impractical citizen. The author, W.H. Auden, writes and intends for the historical context of his poem to be in the late 1930’s, when America was going through the Great Depression. Citizens were losing a sense of nationalism for America and had begun to negatively view the government. During this time period, the government had also begun to distribute Social Security cards with personalized federal numbers to American citizens, which was the mark of depersonalization in America’s political system. As a result, the tone is one of†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Our Social Psychology workers found†¦,† from Line 12 demonstrates the citizen’s active social life. â€Å"Our researchers into Public Opinion†¦,† fr om Line 22 represents the citizen’s ideal public involvement and choice of activities such as going to war and having children. â€Å"Our Eugenist says†¦,† from Line 26 reflects the citizen’s supposedly correct number of children, according to the government. â€Å"Our teachers report†¦,† from Line 27 displays the citizen’s correct choice of avoiding interfering with American educational systems. â€Å"†¦we should certainly have heard,† from Line 29 represents the speaker him/herself, along with the American government and its early decision of assuming that if nothing else but the good was reported about the citizen, then the government would have heard otherwise. In all these lines, the speaker associates the describing of all aspects of the citizen’s life with his acquaintances from the government. The speaker is uniquely portrayed in this poem through certain qualities that he possesses: being observant and being de tached. All positive and only positive events that have occurred in the citizen’s live are recorded by the government; no negative events are to be found in his life. The speaker takes special note of the citizen’s military service (Line 6), perfect employment (Lines 7-8), Union participation (Lines 9-11), social life (Lines 12-13), newspaper customsShow MoreRelatedAudens The Unknown Citizen and Michies Dooley is a Traitor983 Words   |  4 Pagestypically involve tools of satire, such as symbolic characters, symbolism, and irony, to simplify the understanding of who this â€Å"satirical target† is. In â€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W. H. Auden and James Michie’s â€Å"Dooley Is a Traitor,† symbolic characters, symbolism, and irony are all used to indirectly criticize the target of each satirical work. In â€Å"The Unknown Citizen,† Auden is criticizing the way average citizens live their daily life. In this satire, JS/07/M/378 is dead and is being praisedRead More Analysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden Essay examples1464 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden â€Å"The Unknown Citizen†, written by W.H. Auden during 1940, is a poem where the speaker, a representative of the state or government, directs a speech to the audience about a monument being erected for a citizen. Written in free verse, although using many couplets, this poem is a poem that describes the life of a certain person through his records and documents. This citizen is portrayed as a normal and average human being who is being honouredRead MoreThe Unknown Citizen by W.H.Auden1320 Words   |  5 PagesThe poem â€Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H. Auden is a poem with a strong message to a wide audience. It portrays a political system’s control over its citizen. The poem is telling us we are a product of our countries, we are nothing but a number of digits to be identified. The poem revolves around the life of the unknown citizen, JS/07/M/378, who was granted a monument by the government in honor of his flawless life in an un-free society. He is by all means the perfect citizen, the citizen who has devotedRead MoreThe Unknown Citizen Essay525 Words   |  3 PagesThe Unknown Citizen In The Unknown Citizen, Auden is implying that people are statistics and easily conformed to the normality of society. Throughout the poem, Auden portrays the character as being an all around normal citizen and one against whom there was no official complaint. In lines 4 and 5, the speaker describes the character as a saint and for in everything he did he served the Greater Community. He served in war, never got fired from his job, popular with his mates, andRead MoreThe Unknown Citizen Explication Essay999 Words   |  4 PagesWerner 05 March 2012 The Unknown Citizen By W. H. Auden Several conflicts are dramatized in The Unknown Citizen, the most prominent being: conformity of the middle class, government manipulation, and the loss of individualism to the standards of an average citizen. The speaker of this poem is non-traditional as the poem is, in fact, an inscription on a â€Å"marble monument erected by the State.† The inscription is dedicated to a â€Å"JS/07 M 378†Ã¢â‚¬â€presumably, â€Å"The Unknown Citizen,† although this term onlyRead More The Unknown CItizen by W.H. Auden Essay731 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"The Unknown Citizen†   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã¢â‚¬Å"The Unknown Citizen† by W.H. Auden, is a commentary on government and the materialism of modern man. The poem is written in the form of an obituary inscribed on a monument built by the government in commemoration of an average, upstanding, and decent community member. Throughout the passage, the speaker lists facts about the citizen’s life which he believes prove that the deceased was a valuable person. In actuality these facts represent nothing more than the sociallyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Lottery 916 Words   |  4 Pagesthe fate of what will happen until the very end of the story. Although, Shirley Jackson does a good job of making people think, there are also some signs throughout the story that hint what is going to happen. In The Lottery, Shirley Jackson uses irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism in the beginning of the story to show that death is impending in the end. The story is titled â€Å"The Lottery† so it makes the reader guess right away about what the essay is about. Although they never specifically tellRead MoreFahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pagesforget the joy of reading. This story takes place in a future dystopian city, where any actions related to books are illegal. The novel’s protagonist, Guy Montag, is a fireman, whose job involves burning books for a living. Throughout the story, the citizens live their mundane lives, which includes watching parlor walls (television) and having minimal connections with their friends or family. In part three of the novel, Bradbury writes about Guy Montag and how he is on-the-run from the officials of theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Things They Carried 1409 Words   |  6 Pagessoldiers helps the reader relate to their situations. As well as the profanity shows the soldiers coping mechanisms when dealing with death. 2. The diction used throughout the novel by Tim O’Brien, reflects a higher education. O’Brien is a well-educated citizen in high social standing. O’Brien’s higher-level vocabulary and more complex thoughts reflect his intelligence. Through much consideration, O’Brien decided to go to war, as to not disappoint anyone or seem like a coward and embarrass himself. LtRead MoreEssay about The Red Badge of Courage1335 Words   |  6 Pageswar ends, but war in the heart of the people is hard to erase. The authors convey this through symbolism of the name of the novel in which the characterization of the main character take place, the first person point of view of the novels, the satire tone, and the deception of war. The Red Badge of Courage symbolizes the wound that Henry viewed it a symbol for courage. He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage.(81) ‘a badge of courage’ is a diction that the author creates, in

Revenge Prometheus Bound Essay Example For Students

Revenge Prometheus Bound Essay A monologue from the play by Percy Bysshe Shelley NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Prometheus Unbound; A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts with Other Poems. Percy Bysshe Shelley. London: C and J Ollier, 1820. PROMETHEUS: Evil mindsChange good to their own nature. I gave allHe has; and in return he chains me hereYears, ages, night and day: whether the SunSplit my parched skin, or in the moony nightThe crystal-winged snow cling round my hair:Whilst my beloved race is trampled downBy his thought-executing ministers.Such is the tyrants recompense: tis just:He who is evil can receive no good;And for a world bestowed, or a friend lost,He can feel hate, fear, shame; not gratitude:He but requites me for his own misdeed.Kindness to such is keen reproach, which breaksWith bitter stings the light sleep of Revenge.Submission, thou dost know I cannot try:For what submission but that fatal word,The death-seal of mankinds captivity,Like the Sicilians hair-suspended sword,Which trembles oer his crown, would he accept,Or could I yield? Which yet I will not yield.Let others flatter Crime, where it sits thronedIn brief Omnipotence: secure are they:For Justice, when triumphant, will weep downPity, not punish ment, on her own wrongs,Too much avenged by those who err. I wait,Enduring thus, the retributive hourWhich since we spake is even nearer now.

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Organizational Structure Changes to Beat Competition in Market

Question: Explain the changes in organizational culture. Answer: Introduction Every organization operating in the competitive market has to go through some kind of changes. The main reason behind the changes is the competition in the market. Though 3D system was performing well, yet the competition has made it think of changing the business operations. However, changes in the internal environment are important along with the changes in the external environment. This write-up will focus on the changes that are required for 3D system within the organization as well as operations for outside the organization. A balance of between the internal and the external factors will give 3D system the strength to fight with the competitors and emerge as a winner. Changes in the organizational culture Figure 1: Four types of organizational culture (Source: Nica 2013) Until now 3D systems has been following a hierarchytype organizational culture. The hierarchytype organizational structure is structured and controlled (Wiewiora, Trigunarsyah, Murphy and Coffey 2013). They are more focussed on the positions of the employees and the managers in the organization. The roles and responsibilities of the employees are defined and the employees know about the seniority of the employees as compared to others. The junior employees also treat the senior employees with respect and the employees have a certain distinction (Hogan and Coote 2014). The tasks are also depended on the hierarchy of the employees. The CEO has been following the hierarchy-type organizational structure because he wanted to take 3D systems, to a new level. The CEO has been able to achieve the place where he wanted to be in. The only problem about the hierarchy-type organizational culture is that there is no informal relationship among the employees. At times, communication among the empl oyees and the interaction among the employees is necessary for the organization. Distinction of the roles the employees at items, give rise to unhealthy competition among the employees (Schneider, Ehrhart and Macey 2013). However, the recent competition in the market has made the managers to rethink about the organizational structure. To meet the competition in the market and prepare the employees to stay ahead in the race, the CEO has thought of implementing the market-type organizational culture. The market-type organizational culture is more focused on the business and competitions. It teaches the employees the necessary skills that are required to perform well in the external market (Bschgens, Bausch and Balkin 2013). By adhering to the market-type organizational culture, the CEO will be able to know the future of the external market and the type of competition that 3D systems might face in the future (Wang and Rafiq 2014). It will teach the employees to be well-coordinated and will give rise to cohesion among the employees and they will be able to understand the importance of working in a team and eventually they will be able to overcome the difficulties of competitions. Change in the leadership style As it has been discussed that 3D systems followed a hierarchy-type organizational culture, which means there had been distinction of positions and powers in the organization. This indicates that the employees shared a formal relationship and were more focussed on work. The CEO even followed and supported the transactional style of leadership. The transactional leadership style suggests that there will be reward and punishment in the organization (Hackman and Johnson 2013). The employees used to get the rewards if they perform well in the organization. If any of them employee did any mistake, the employees used to be punished by different means. The transactional leadership style, on one hand, made the employees perform better but it injected a sense of fear among the employees (Aydin, Sarier and Uysal 2013). The employees never asked about the well-being of each and other and never bothered to know if any of the employees is facing any problem (Cameron, Quinn, DeGraff and Thakor 2014 ). Thus, the level of competition among the employees rose rather than competition with the competitors. It is high time that the leadership style should be changes immediately. The leadership style of the CEO should be changed to transformational style of leadership. The transformational style of leadership makes the leader think about the employees and the development of the employees rather than putting the employees in pressure (Trivellas and Drimoussis 2013). The transformational leader helps the leader to understand mind set of the employees. Being a transformational leader, the CEO will not depend on the punishing and rewards (Roueche, Baker III and Rose 2014). He will try to input a sense of goodwill among the employees. The transformational leadership will be able to make the employees understand the importance of team work. When the employees will see that the leader is trying to think about the development of the employees, they will start working hard for the organizatio n (Bryman 2013). Eventually help the organization to face the hard times. During the time of competition, transformational leadership will be the best way to meet the challenges of the external market. Change in the marketing styles It can be seen that 3D system has specialised in both low-priced and high-priced 3D printers. Thus, it can be said that the products of 3D systems is up to the mark to meet the demands and need of the customers with many kind of budget. It is the duty of the 3D systems to make the customers know about the products. Moreover, the presence of 3D systems in the market is also helpful for the organization, as they have an idea about the trends of the market and the mindset of the customers. Though, the new entrants can pose threat for 3D systems, yet the applications of the new technology and marketing styles will help the organization to get a foothold in the competitive market. Thus, it is suggested that 3D systems should switch to online marketing. 3D systems should create a website of their own and start promoting their products online. They can take the help of free delivery to reach to the customers. The users can go through their website and select the products they want to buy an d 3D system will give them a free delivery to their home. It will be cost effective method for the organization as they do not have give the rent for the physical locations, staffs and other cost will be reduced (Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz 2014). The online sites will help them to reach out more customers and if possible, even in the international locations. Other than creating a website, 3D systems can also use other types of online marketing as well. The best way to get a huge customer base is the social media (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). The company can crate page in the social media and publish advertisements regarding the services and the products of the company. The feedback of customers will help the organization to make them visible. The feedback of the customers will be even more helpful for the organization to make the alterations in the products, if required. The CEO should take the negative as well as the positive feedback positively. The online marketing will help 3D systems to get knowledge about the customers. The feedback of the customer might include the name of the new competitors in the market (Papadopoulos and Heslop 2014). Thus, it will be source of information for the organization to gain information about the competitors in the market. Another form of marketing that can help the organization is the e-mail marketing. 3D systems already have strong hold over the market (Foxall 2014). As a result, they have strong database of customers. By sending personalised mail and the special advertisements and offer will help the organization to draw more customers (Lusch and Vargo 2014). 3D systems should make use of their strong presence in the market to prosper in the market. PESTLE Analysis Political The political condition of the United States is stable. Hence, 3D system would not have any problem in expanding the business. The United States being a developed country, the government will support any type of development in the technological front in the country. Economic The United States is a developed country, hence, the chance of economic problems is much less in the country. However, the recession will always remain a threat for the company. thus, the organization should be prepared for any kind of economic downturn in the country Social 3D system has been operating in the market for the past four years. Hence, it has been able to connect with the citizens of that place. Even if 3D systems try to expand the business, the company should keep check on the social needs and demands of the people and then make the changes. Technological The United States is the perfect platform for 3D system to grow. On the other hand, the external environment for 3D systems will be competitive one. The market is full of companies that produce printers; hence, 3D systems will have to face tough competition from the market. Legal Whenever an organization is dealing with systems that have certain technological specification, they are open to various legal problems that are related to the use of ethical use of technology. Thus, 3D systems should keep all the legal documents clear so that it does not get into any trouble. Environmental Whenever an organization is involved in producing staffs that are related to information technology, the chances of the technological waste polluting the environment is quite high. Thus, 3D system should give special attention to the wastes that it does not pollute the environment. SWOT Analysis Strength The presence of 3D system for the past four years is the biggest strength. it has been through all the adverse situation and have been able to know the opportunities in the market that they will be able to use The manufacturing cost of the printers is less and hence, it helps the organization to provide the customers with cheap printers Weakness The hierarchal type organizational culture made the employees less focused on the competition in the market. The transactional leadership style has made the employees to work under pressure Opportunities As 3D system has a strong market presence, it will help the organization to know the opportunities and the threats and prepare itself for the future issues. The customers who have a tight budget will first come to 3D system to look for cheaper printers. Thus, it will help 3D systems to gain more customers from the market than any other organization. Threat The companies that followed the market-type organization culture might have already advanced in the marketing techniques and will have better idea about implementation of the marketing techniques than 3D system The organizations that have already implemented the transformational style have better work culture. 3D system will take time to match up with those companies that have a close internal bond among each other. Best-suited business model Finally, merging with another company will be the best-suited business model that the CEO can look out to gain strength. The online marketing will highlight them in the market. Thus, merging with another organization will become easier. 3D system can merge with another international organization to gain momentum in the competitive market. The business ideas of another organization along with the ideas of 3D system will act as great support to 3D system and wit will be able to face new companies who are coming in the market. Conclusion It is concluded from the write-up that there is a need to change the organizational culture, the leadership style and the marketing style. It is important that 3D system adopt a new business model that will help the organization to fight the challenges. 3D system followed the hierarchy-type organizational culture, which needs to be changed to market-type organizational culture. The CEO who followed a transactional leadership should follow transformation al leadership style. The company should adopt online marketing. Finally, it is suggested that 3D systems should merge with another company to strengthen its operations and business and face the challenges of the changing market. References Aydin, A., Sarier, Y. and Uysal, S., 2013. The Effect of School Principals' Leadership Styles on Teachers' Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 13(2), pp.806-811. Bryman, A. ed., 2013. Leadership and organizations. Routledge. Bschgens, T., Bausch, A. and Balkin, D.B., 2013. Organizational Culture and Innovation: A Meta Analytic Review. Journal of product innovation management, 30(4), pp.763-781. Cameron, K.S., Quinn, R.E., DeGraff, J. and Thakor, A.V., 2014. Competing values leadership. Edward Elgar Publishing. Foxall, G., 2014. Strategic Marketing Management (RLE Marketing) (Vol. 3). Routledge. 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